Steps for Peace

Institute for Peacebuilding Non-Profit Organisation

Steps for Peace  is a nonprofit organisation that supports social and political transformation processes in fragile contexts. Our work focuses on education, research and development cooperation.


Steps for Peace provides practice-oriented training courses for professionals who work in fragile contexts. Our objective is to contribute to the promotion of peace and the reduction of conflict through the transfer of basic skills such as organisational development, consulting and training expertise in project work.

Customised In-House Trainings


Upon request

In close consultation with you we will conceptualise and organise a tailor-made training according to your wishes. All trainings offered in our programme can be adapted to your needs; we can also put together individual training courses from separate modules. The trainings can be conducted as in-house trainings in Germany or on-site with your local staff, your partner organisations and their target groups.


Steps for Peace is an organisation at the interface between science and practice with the aim of incorporating practical experience from civilian peace work in crisis regions into research as well as designing educational programs that take up current developments.

Voting for democracy – Introduction for refugees


1st September 2016, Workshop

Apart from acquiring language skills, sociopolitical education is essential for the successful integration in Germany. The introduction Voting for democracy takes the elections in Berlin on 18th September 2016 as a starting point for exchange on elections as a democratic instrument with refugees in Berlin.


Steps for Peace supports violence de-escalation and peace work projects with the aim of strengthening sustainable and local structures through civic engagement.

Community radio in Nepal


To strengthen civil society, non-violence and human rights awareness in Nepal’s Mid Western region, representatives of a local civil war victims’ group have decided to establish a politically neutral communication platform in the form of a regionally broadcast radio show.