Steps for Peace

Institute for Peacebuilding Non-Profit Organisation



Cornelia Brinkmann

Trainer for »Building peace by managing change« and for Designing trainings for peacebuilding
Cornelia Brinkmann M.A., educationalist, organisation developer and business administrator, heads Steps for Peace. She works as a peace policy consultant for NGOs and state-funded institutions in crisis regions such as Afghanistan, Israel, Yemen, Kosovo and South Africa. Throughout the last 30 years, she has conducted consultations, training courses and evaluations in peace building, conflict management and conflict transformation with a participatory and action-oriented approach.


Dr. Juan Diaz

Lecturer for »Interactive problem-solving workshops« in the training Designing trainings for peacebuilding
Juan Diaz is mediator, trainer and facilitator working on political, economic and social integration. Through INGROUP BERLIN he promotes mediation support, capacity-building and conflict transformation. He is the Berlin Representative for the European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue (mediatEUr). In 2005 he co-founded the CSSProject for Integrative Mediation and served as its director until May 2012. He has over 14 years of practical experience in conflict-affected regions, especially in South East Europe, South Asia and the MENA region.

Dr. Wolfgang Heinrich

Trainer for »Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Practice«
Dr. Wolfgang Heinrich is an ethnologist and has worked in the field of non-governmental development cooperation for over 25 years. From 1996 to 2001, he was part of the group of development cooperation and humanitarian aid practitioners that carried out the study and learning process with Mary B. Anderson, from which the Do No Harm concept and tool emerged. Since 2003, he has been working with local organisations in several countries of South Asia to develop conflict-sensitive concepts and methods for project work.

Uli Jäger

Trainer for »Peace education as a contribution to conflict transformation«
Uli Jäger has an M.A. in political science and took up the post of Director of Peace Education at the Berghof Foundation in January 2012. He has many years of experience in leading peace education workshops at home and abroad, a focus being peace education in conflict and war-torn regions. He has published articles on peace education, civil conflict management, global learning, sport, preventing violence and promoting peace.

Ulrike Ramlow

Trainer for »Building peace by managing change«
Ulrike Ramlow, political scientist, mediator and organisation developer, has been involved as a trainer and consultant in international projects for the last 15 years. She works with NGOs and state-funded institutions in the areas of conflict transformation and team development, supporting planning and implementation processes of peace projects and advising managers in this work. From 2003 to 2008, she headed a project of the Civil Peace Service in Palestine.

Dr. Cordula Reimann

Trainer for »Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Practice«
Dr. Cordula Reimann has worked as trainer, consultant, facilitator and lecturer in the field of conflict sensitivity and conflict transformation for various national and international GOs and NGOs over the last 15 years. These institutions included the Centre for Peacebuilding (KOFF) and most recently swisspeace, the Swiss Peace Foundation as Head of Analysis and Impact. She has held various introductory and practice-oriented training courses on Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Practice in Switzerland and abroad in the last 10 years. In 2011 she founded core.consultancy & training in conflict transformation offering trainings and consultancy in peacebuilding (

Dirk Sprenger

Trainer for »Movie – Impact orientation in civil conflict management«
Dirk Sprenger is trainer, moderator, mediator and coach. He has extensive experience of international collaborations, particularly in the fields of civil conflict management and peace promotion. For years, the area of impact orientation and the completion of tables and so-called logframes was seen by many experts and local partners as a compulsory exercise for donors. «Movie», which he created in collaboration with zivik/Institute for Foreign Relations, is an alternative that has been conceived and designed from the perspective of the implementers.