Steps for Peace

Institute for Peacebuilding Non-Profit Organisation


Connecting research to practical experience

Steps for Peace is an organisation at the interface between science and practice with the aim of incorporating practical experience from civilian peace work in crisis regions into research. Recent research results are considered in the light of civil actors’ practical involvement in conflict contexts. The development of educational programs that take up current challenges is at an additional interface.

The worldwide movement of refugees presents such a challenge. Steps for Peace connects research results to insights from practical peace work in regions of conflict in order to develop customised educational programs of peacebuilding and the prevention of violence for and with refugees.

Voting for democracy - Introduction for refugees

Apart from acquiring language skills, sociopolitical education is essential for the successful integration in Germany. Current studies on the willingness of refugees to integrate and their understanding of democracy document wide approval for democracy among refugees in Germany. Nevertheless, the meaning of this concept seems to be vague oftentimes. The introduction Voting for democracy takes the elections in Berlin on 18th September 2016 as a starting point for exchange on elections as a democratic instrument with refugees in Berlin.

Promoting dialogue between practice and theory

Creating forums for the exchange of expertise between peace work practitioners, scholars of peace and conflict studies, politics and media supports the promotion of peace.

Since 2012, the Berlin discussion series «Kaleidoscope peacework. Civil society engagement in crisis regions» has been doing just this. These events are a cooperation with the Institute for Foreign Relations / zivik support programme.

Steps for Peace is an organisation at the interface between science and practice and is valued by numerous clients and partners for representing this link. Our consulting services for individuals and civil and government organizations are guided by the work and research interests of Steps for Peace, which are peacebuilding and conflict transformation through civilian actors in crisis regions.

Steps for Peace consulting services

  • We develop policies and methods of violence prevention, termination or aftercare of violent conflicts, and in doing so carefully consider the context of social and political change processes
  • We prepare and deliver expert information for civil society actors in crisis regions
  • We design and carry out participative evaluations of civil society projects and programmes in crisis regions with a focus on their impact on conflict and peace processes