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Berlin discussion series: A Recipe for Peace? Reflecting on Peace Practice

The opening event of the Berlin series of talks 2013 sheds light on the «Reflecting on Peace Practice» approach. This approach analyses questions of efficacy of projects in international peace work.

A Recipe for Peace?

Effective Projects in International Peacebuilding – Reflecting on Peace Practice

26th March 2013

Peacebuilding experience shows, that many projects and strategies do not respond sufficiently to the challenges of conflict contexts. But how can NGOs plan and implement peacebuilding strategies despite these challenges as efficiently as possible? Ten years ago this crucial question was at the core of the development of the so-called „Reflecting on Peace Practice“ (RPP) approach. This approach analyses the efficacy of peacebuilding projects and additionally provides appropriate tools for critically questioning their basic assumptions.

Dr. Cordula Reimann, core, an expert in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, is involved in the further development of the „Reflecting on Peace Practice“- approach. In conversation with Cornelia Brinkmann, Steps for Peace, she will present the current state of research and her experience with using this instrument.

Is it really possible to plan peace processes according to a predefined recipe or will they develop their own unpredictable dynamic? Which conclusions can organisations operating internationally draw from these experiences if they want to support civil non-state actors in societal and political transformation processes?

Report from a participant

"RPP can be described as an instrument of peacebuilding, which directly impacts on the improvement of the efficiency and efficacy of peace projects. For ten years RPP has continually been developed further and refined, a process orientated towards practical experience of internationally active organisations. Cordula Reimann presented those five lessons learned from this development process, which she considers most important."

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