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On the trail of peacemakers – the impressive work of Peace Counts

On the trail of peacemakers

The impressive work of Peace Counts

12 June 2012

The media shows us every day how we make war. But how do we make peace? To find the answer to this question, journalists travelled to conflict regions over a period of 10 years as part of the project Peace Counts. What resulted were stories and striking photos from over 40 conflict regions that tell, for example, of the power of traditional conflict management techniques led by elders in Egypt.

Projects in Kenya and Northern Ireland illustrate how peace is promoted by strengthening a sense of community between children or by combatants coming together in reintegration programs. Peace Counts is an inspiring example of the fruitful cooperation of journalism, peace education and international peace efforts which is constantly evolving.

Michael Gleich, journalist and initiator of the Peace Counts / Peace Support Network project, describes his impressions and experiences of encounters with various peacemakers in an interview with Cornelia Brinkmann, Steps for Peace.

Report from a participant

“The term «solution-oriented journalism» coined by Michael Gleich already makes the priorities he sets in his work clear – instead of launching straight into and covering solely the aspects of human error when reporting from crisis regions, his focus is on the search for solutions. There are ultimately a number of examples where civil conflict management was more than successful.”

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