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Community radio in Nepal

Community radio in Nepal

Support of peace, reconciliation and transitional justice through interlinked dialogue forums - a cooperation with culture4peace and Advocacy Forum Nepal

To strengthen civil society, non-violence and human rights awareness in Nepal’s Mid Western region, representatives of a local civil war victims’ group have decided to establish a politically neutral communication platform in the form of a regionally broadcast radio show. The discussions, lead by a moderator trained in peace journalism, are complemented by radio play. The goal of the project is to enable exchange and access to undistorted information for organised representatives of civil society and to train them at the same time in the knowledge and applicability of their civil and human rights. The project activities are accompanied by a digital video that captures background information on participants as well as their personal experiences of the civil war and their hopes and personal challenges during the postwar era.

With the support of Steps for Peace radio journalists receive an introductory training on the topic with the goal of producing a well-founded, encouraging and regionally adapted radio show.



After 10 years of civil war from 1996 to 2006 which cost 17.800 lives, Nepal's political parties have not managed to politically stabilize the country.

Important processes in the fragile peace process can thus not be conclusively settled while political unrest and new violence is fueled. With the dissolution of the constitutional assembly on 28th May 2012 the government worsened the situation. Massive strikes, riots and bombings followed.

In many parts of the country the frustration of the people with the current setbacks in the peace process is growing while opposing political groups are blaming each other. While the country-wide peace efforts time and again are endangered by the lack of willingness to compromise on the side of the political elites, victim groups and a strong, non-violent civil rights movement are country-wide fighting for reconciliation, human rights and justice. These groups are strengthened by the project.

Goals of the project

  • The civil society in Bardiya, Banke, Surkhet and Dang (Terai) through producing its own radio show gains access to a non-partisan communication platform for exchange and information about current developments and perspectives of the peace process.
  • The civil society in Bardiya, Banke, Surkhet and Dang (Terai) is able to exchange experiences, positions and visions about the post-conflict phase in Nepal, to identify, improve and multiply problem-solving capacities.
  • 5 radio journalists from 5 districts of the target region are trained in locally applicable techniques of conflict-sensitive reporting and research according to international standards.