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Vision and mission

Peace is a precious and fragile commodity that requires attention and care. Peace needs visionaries who make courageous and competent use of their space to manoeuvre. Peace is the result of a successful negotiation process between key actors within the social, economic and political framework. Peace work requires a great deal of patience.

Any intervention in a conflict has consequences for the process and its development. Current conflicts can be prolonged, or new conflicts can be created. At the same time, the unfolding of peace potentials can be fostered. This ambivalence of interventions demands that all actors are highly sensitive to conflict risks and peace potentials.

Recent crises show that the internationally available intervention tools such as bilateral diplomacy or UN and OSCE missions can only be successful in the long term when civil components are strengthened. This realisation is reflected in the UN’s Agenda for Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in the EU’s Peacebuilding Partnership, in the German Civilian Crisis Prevention Action Plan and other international documents. Lasting peace cannot be achieved with diplomacy and military action alone, it requires the involvement of all relevant civil society actors.

Civil society peace work by international, national and local actors encompasses violence prevention, crisis intervention as well as follow-up with constructive and non-violent means. Steps for Peace supports these civil society actors because only with them can lasting, sustainable changes be shaped and secured. They impact violent conflict with their non-violent actions, thus transforming them. In their environment, they initiate and encourage processes that strengthen peace potentials.

Focus area and working approach

Steps for Peace - Institute for Peacebuilding is a non-profit organisation that supports social and political transformation processes in fragile contexts with civilian actors. Our work focuses on education, research and development cooperation.

Steps for Peace offers a wide array of assistance for international and local partners and aims to recognise and optimise the contributions in their work to promoting peace and reducing violent conflict.

Steps for Peace provides a forum for practitioners and theorists, in order to foster systemic reflection and the exchange of expertise in peace work. Its focus is on the development of practice-relevant concepts and methods.

Steps for Peace works with courageous and creative individuals and organisations in conflict situations, in order to strengthen them in initiating and implementing transformation processes.