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Building peace by managing change

Building peace by managing change

Organisational development and change management in fragile contexts

June 15th to 17th, 2016 in Berlin, Germany (working language: German)

Socio-political change processes in fragile contexts place high demands on international and local actors alike. Partner organisations must establish and manage an organisational structure in order to develop effective stimuli for change. To this end, all civil actors require basic organisational development skills in their methodological repertoire. Practical experience has shown that theoretical and methodological knowledge of systemic and holistic organisational development, and in particular change management, provides an excellent foundation for this. A realistic appraisal of international actors’ as well as national and local partners’ scope for development is a prerequisite for initiating an effective impetus for change. By carefully analysing the entire context, suitable options for change can be identified and culturally adapted measures developed that minimise conflict factors and strengthen peace potentials.

Trainer: Cornelia Brinkmann
Participation fee: 910 Euro
Training venue: mbf - training, beratung, coaching/ Feurigstraße 23/ 10827 Berlin, Germany

The registration deadline is  May 16th, 2016. International participants please note that their visa has to be approved by May 1st, 2016 at the latest.

Steps for Peace - Building peace by managing change 2016

Report by a participant

"The week-long training Organisational development and change management in crisis regions offered a versatile and well-grounded introduction to the topic, conveyed rich methodological understanding and allowed for direct practical application with the help of sharing first-hand experiences and practical workshops." Rebecca Hackstein

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